Earlier this month we gathered to show and discuss extracts from films that put an emphasis on ‘location’. The films chosen seemed to divide into downbeat and depressed (mainly London), and upbeat and exotic (Los Angeles, Shetland, Bruges, Paris – but not Alphaville). Here they are:

  • Robert B chose: In Bruges, director Martin McDonagh, 2008
  • Peter chose The Girl Chewing Gum, director John Smith, 1976

Still from John Smith’s The Girl Chewing Gum

  • Dan chose Into the West, director Mike Newell, 1993
  • Dan also chose Zazie dans le métro, director Louis Malle, 1960
  • Robin chose Alphaville, director Jean-Luc Godard, 1965
  • John chose To Live and to Die in L.A., director William Friedkin, 1985
  • Robert B also chose (for the children in the audience) Thunderbirds, director Jonathan Frakes, 2004
  • Jonathan chose 77 beds, director Alnoor Dewshi, 2003
  • Aileen chose Withnail and I, director Bruce Robinson, 1987
  • Lucy chose The Edge of the World, director Michael Powell, 1937