Earlier this month, during the Covid-19 lockdown and with most of us exiled from 115, we nevertheless had another film night. The theme was a topical one: masks. We conducted this through a Zoom meeting, with viewing of the films on Youtube and Vimeo. The films were grouped in sets and we discussed them in the intervals. All this ran smoothly; thanks to Ben for his work in setting this up.

— Robin chose The Cameraman with Buster Keaton, directed by Keaton and Edward Sedgwick (1928)

— Graham chose Funeral Parade of Roses by Toshio Matsumoto (1969)

— Dan P chose Dogon Mask Dance by Gozilah (2012)

— Dan P also chose Eyes Wide Shut by Stanley Kubrik (1999)

— Duncan chose ‘President Donald Trump explains why he won’t wear a face mask despite CDC recommendations’: a White House press conference (2020)

— Ben chose Bob Dylan’s ‘Hard Rain’: live performance (1975)

— Anne chose The Invisible Man by James Whale (1933)

— Sarah chose ‘Who was Anna Coleman Ladd?’ (Oxford University Press) and ‘Anna Coleman Ladd’s studio for portrait masks in Paris’ (Smithsonian Institute)

— Naomi chose ‘The man behind the mask’ (Fox Sports Detroit)

— Eze chose Star Wars: the Last Jedi by Rian Johnson (2017)

— Duncan chose Halloween: the trailer by John Carpenter (1978)

— Yi-Jen chose Ichi the Killer by Takashi Miike (2001)

— Duncan chose ‘The Dentist’ / Payday 2 (Overkill Software, 2014)

— Dan M chose two clips from Blue Collar [ here and here ] by Paul Schrader (1978)

— Robert J chose Mr Bean doing surgery, from Bean (Mel Smith, 1997)

— Lisa unveiled a new short film that she had just made: Me First (2020)