Following the poster designed by Peter, here is further evidence of production by members, some as they negotiate the period of isolation at home, others – physically distancing – at 115 during the Covid-19 pandemic.

One of a number of studies produced from continuous line drawings, outlines and projections of portal frames, then transferred and painted

Blue tit dad (50/50 guess) leaving site of homeschooling. Type as habitat. Design Åbäke. Vitreous enamel sign / bird-box front for Green Roof Shelters

Badge supporting NHS workers; artwork taken from a rainbow tree at Eleanor Palmer primary school, Tufnell Park

The badge as worn by a local dad

The sculptor Martin Foot in his studio in Pietrasanta. Now listen to an interview with him by Sarah – a recent item on her Materially Speaking podcast. She has also started a blog, reflecting on life in the time of the pandemic
(Sarah; website designed and made by Peter and alumnus Ben Edmonds)

While not at 115, working from home, home-schooling (from left to right): schoolwork, learning to ride an adult-sized bike, making cake, overcoming fear of dogs (two weeks), £10.01 eBay trampoline (squeezed into the neighbouring, closed, jewellery shop’s back yard), ballet Zoom, Sylvanian World making, Swedish buns, two birthdays, experiments, journalism…
(Duncan with Paloma and Rosa Lulu)