Roland gave a Monday talk about disappearing or lost Swiss social traditions and the food that accompanied them. He and Gina Bucher (and a number of guest illustrators and writers), have to date produced eight of 12 ‘Sonntagsfreuden’.

Sonntagsfreuden is a series of small publications, each dedicated to one Swiss tradition. Since almost all the traditions end in a feast, the publications include a selection of recipes.

The tradition of throwing a cat from a church steeple on St Gregor’s day was accompanied by the soup Chatzegschrei – ‘cat’s scream’ – followed by Pizochel mit Krautstiel (dumplings with chard) with stewed apples or Lederapfelschnitze – ‘leather apples’ – and rounded off with the dessert Coupe Denmark.

Snails and badger, which both appear among the recipes, were sadly missing from the evening’s degustation.