Last Friday evening we gathered in the kitchen to look at short extracts from films on the theme of ‘making’. Here are our choices.

— Michael chose Mining poems or odes, directed by Calum Rice, 2015

— Ben (Edmonds) chose In comparison / Zum Vergleich, directed by Harun Farocki, 2009

— Ben also chose Stacking bricks in Bangladesh

— Yi-Jen chose ‘Yia Yia’, made by Jessie Rodger)

— Michael The show of shows (BBC, 2016)

— Dan chose Witness, directed by Peter Weir, 1985

— Anne chose The importance of bees

— Ben (Garfield) chose Over making of ‘Star Guitar’ video by Michel Gondry (2010)

— Ben also chose ‘Werner Herzog on the jungle, while making Fitzcarraldo’ (1982)

— Dan also Comrades (the dance scene), directed by Bill Douglas, 1986

— Mike chose ‘Japanese hand planing’

— Robert (Bradbrook) chose Stems, directed by Ainslie Henderson, 2015

— Mike chose ‘Building a power file’ (2017)

— Graham [guest] chose Inside Daisy Clover, directed by Robert Mulligan, 1965

— Lucy chose Boy (the trailer), directed by Justin Chadwick, 2012

— Mike chose ‘How sharp Japanese are in joining woods’ (2015)

— Robin chose Three installations, directed by Lindsay Anderson, 1952

— Fiona [guest] chose ‘Puffer fish’ (Blue Planet, BBC, 2017)

— Fiona also chose ‘Weaver bird’ (BBC Homemaking, 2009)

— Peter chose Big night (the breakfast scene), directed by Campbell Scott & Stanley Tucci, 1996

— Ben (Edmonds) also chose Glas, directed by Bert Haanstra, 1958

— Becky [guest] chose The girl chewing gum, directed by John Smith, 1976