From Estate, a Reverie

Last week we had another film night. The theme was ‘housing’, following informal discussions among 115 members towards a seminar on the topic. Members and friends were invited to show clips of around five minutes duration.

— Ben and Naomi chose Operation Jane Walk, directed by Robin Klengel and Leonhard Müllner (2018)

— Graham chose Deprivation-on-Sea (Channel 4, 2019)

— Robin chose The Dilapidated Dwelling by Patrick Keiller (2000)

— Peter chose The Pruitt-Igoe Myth (Unicorn Stencil Doc Films, 2018)
and Trowbridge Estate Demolition (BBC News, 1985)

— Duncan chose a film about Harringay by Thomas Isler

— Lucy chose Of Time and the City by Terence Davies (2008)

— Dan chose Estate, a Reverie by Andrea Lucas Zimmerman (2015)

— Olly chose ‘A brief overview of the global sand crisis’ (Sand Stories, 2018)
and ‘How sand mining destroys one home to build another’ by Kalyanee Mam (2018)

— Elena chose There, After – Water by Sophie Clements (2011)
and There, After – Explosions by Sophie Clements (2011)