Some guidance to occupants for their conduct in the building.

The following code gives some guidance to occupants for their conduct in the building. It should be read in the light of the founding statement of the principles of Workplace Co-operative 115 Ltd.

Noise made from within any unit that affects people in other units should be by agreement with those other people.

Any meetings held or activities carried out in communal spaces will be by agreement with all other occupants. In such meetings or activities, people should avoid unnecessarily disruptive behaviour. If this behaviour prevents others from the normal enjoyment of the communal spaces and facilities then the people in that gathering should move elsewhere.

The kitchen, toilets, and all other communal areas, should be clear of personal belongings and of rubbish, except by agreement with all other occupants.

Smoking is not permitted in the building, but is acceptable in the courtyards.

Oppressive behaviour (e.g. language or action which denigrates people) is unacceptable.

Occupants are required to notify others when they are likely to be absent from the building for regular periods of consecutive days, or for a block of time (longer than a month). The best means for doing is at one of the weekly meetings of the co-op, or else by an email to all of us.

Complaints procedure

All complaints should be taken to a meeting of the company.

The complainant should inform, in writing, all building occupants of their complaint one week before a scheduled company meeting.

The meeting of the company has the final say in arriving at any action arising from a complaint.