In 2003 Phil Sayer photographed the building, just a year after we moved into it, for an article that featured in the December issue of Domus magazine. We show a selection of these pictures here, scanned from the transparencies that he made and which he very generously gave to us.

View of front of building from Leighton Road. Building to the south of 115 since demolished and replaced

Detail of front showing glazed atrium and self-coloured render arranged weatherboarding-like

Main entrance, atrium glazing above, and to the north, section of front courtyard’s side wall with mesh grille

Front door detail (internal)

Unit 1: the workshop in use and view through to front courtyard

Stair detail within atrium

Within atrium on first floor, outside unit 4, looking west along walkway to unit 6, glazed roofing above and stairs up to second floor, and down to ground floor

Double-height space within units 2 (ground floor) and 5 (first floor). View from mezzanine level shows internal stairway down to unit 2, bespoke bookshelves and sliding magnetic ‘pinboard’

First floor, looking west along walkway outside unit 6, and up stairs to unit 7

Unit door reveal detail

Within atrium on second floor outside unit 7, looking east, showing glazed walls, walkways and stairs down to ground floor

Unit 7, second floor looking east, with reeded glass windows