Elena Veguillas is a Spanish designer and journalist based in London. Elena works with type every day, not only as part of the type foundry TypeTogether, where since 2013 she writes and designs and coordinates the communications team, but also as one half of the publisher Tipo e. This imprint is dedicated to publishing original Spanish texts about typography to better establish typographic culture in Spain and beyond. As publisher she has co-published and designed the books Tipo elige tipo, Cómo crear tipografías and the subsequent English edition, How to create typefaces.

As a writer she has collaborated with Spanish online media Don Serifa, Graffica.info and UnosTiposDuros with articles about type and graphic design, and more recently published articles in Alphabettes.org. She also has an almost up-to-date list of her writings here.

Having completed her MA(Res) in Typography & Graphic Communication at the University of Reading (2009–2011) she is now a research student at Central Saint Martins exploring the relationship between architectural lettering and early corporate identity. 

Elena joined 115 in May 2019.